Posted 1 week ago

I’m officially going to Ringling this fall

I’m so excited I can hardly breathe!

Posted 2 months ago

The princess and sorcerer from the short comic “Knot” by secondlina

Posted 2 months ago

Been watching Natsume Yuujinchou and I swear this kid is the manifestation of everything kind and pure in the world. THere’s no way someones that sweet.

Posted 2 months ago

Been watching Detentionaire all day. It’s a problem.

Posted 3 months ago

Val from Valient

Posted 3 months ago

College friends ….and maybe some vampires

Posted 3 months ago
Can I just say that your art is gorgeous? Because it totally is!
interstellarcookiecat asked

Thank you so much!

Posted 3 months ago

Another comic for Space AU

Inspired by Aquatwins short fanfic where Danny goes to Space Corp. for the first time 

Posted 3 months ago

For the Space AU



Dragon-like humanoids.  Small population ruled by tyrant King Aragon who refuses progress.  Sister Dora leads rebel forces against Aragon.  Prince Barry acts as a double agent inside the castle to give the rebels a leg-up on battle plans and sneak attacks.

Posted 4 months ago

Aqua twin’s friend Cat. She had a cute outfit today.